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Change Is Good... So Do It NOW!

Change is hard. Change is frustrating. But, there is ONE thing I can guarantee, CHANGE is INEVITABLE. Change signifies growth. Perhaps one of the hardest thing to do is change. Adapting to change and compromising for change is too different things. I know you are reading this and going "ummmm ok but, wait....what?"

As you can probably tell by now, I am completely transparent. Fact is, I hate change. I love consistency and when it is compromised with change, I am all over the place. What I had to realize is that my resistance to change had me in a place of stagnation. My lack of desire to move to a more prominent city had me stuck in my current city. My lack of ending friendships and relationships had me missing out on opportunities to make more and perhaps better ones.

I am not promoting change as a give or get scenario. What I am saying is you have to "CHOOSE YOU" as some point. You have to have the difficult conversations while they are easy. You have to decide what happiness looks like for you versus how it looks in the eyes of others. You have to decide if the risk is greater than the reward. Change is not easy for others, especially when it involves you pulling away - pull away anyway. Set yourself apart and change the things about you that are hindering your progression.

Change is not comfortable but it is necessary. Change over a period of time can turn into a good do it now.

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