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Chile, Don't Stop Now

Listennnnnnnnn. I know you are about ready to through the towel, the paper, the ideas, and maybe a few people to the side already in 2023. But, I want to remind you - DON'T!!! It is only the 1st Quarter. It is only January. It is only the beginning of 2023. If you stop now, then what?

Trust me, I get it. Day-after-day, I am reminded of how far "off the mark" I am. I am also reminded of how far I have come. If you focus on where you are going versus where you are not, you will find it more rewarding to continue. Do NOT STOP! You must keep going no matter what. Despite the day, you still have the week. Despite the week, you still have the month. Despite the month, you still have the year. Everyday is a NEW opportunity to press forward with you ideas, goals, hopes, wishes, and dreams. Do NOT STOP!!

You've got this despite what you think or believe. Keep pushing and pounding RESILIENTone... your day is coming but I encourage you - Do NOT STOP NOW!

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