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Updated: Jan 9

Guest Blogger: Christina Brannon

If you are a mother or someone who has the great responsibility of taking care of a loved one you will be able to relate to this.

I have been through several phases in my life, but the most impactful event was becoming a mother. I went from this "pretty young thang" to people saying you just a baby/you have two kids. I hated it. I lost myself and people thought I was depressed because they said I let myself go. When you are a new mom it is very hard to see the transition because you are completely infatuated with your child(ren). But then it happens you look in the mirror, turn to the left and you turn to the right and your like when did this happen? So, then I was like I am about to get my body back in shape. I went and looked up gyms, workout classes, weights, creams, waist tremors anything you can think of I was like I am about to do it, right. Then my kids look at me and I see they need things and I feel guilty for even thinking of doing things for yourself because my kids depend on me for everything. I wasn’t and I am still not rolling in money. But I wanted to feel sexy again and have a life outside of my kids. I honestly did not see the light at the end of the tunnel because let me be real ladies I was living paycheck to paycheck. Everything was so costly, and I felt like I did not have any time to do anything but work, take care of my kids and cook. I was always exhausted at the end of every day and did not want to do anything but go to bed. I thought to myself this cannot be my life. I refuse to think this is how my life will continue to be. I had lost my drive, my ambition and my confidence I had before becoming a mother. Now I love my kids with all my heart, and I would do anything for them, but I had to start putting me first so that I could be better for them. It sounds selfish but what I have learned is you have to be a little selfish to make your dreams come to life to better their future. And my dream is to create generational wealth for my family and Black Wall Street. I cannot do that by just existing in this life God gave me. He created me to impact this world in a monumental way and I have felt that ever since I was in high school. At the time I did not know how this was going to happen and it was not until recently I saw the blueprint.  Now I still have a ways to go but stepping out on faith and having the belief in myself that I am somebody and one day everybody is going to know my name helped push me in the right direction. The first step I took was self-reflection and creating a digital vision board with Prezi. I chose digital because we take our phones everywhere and if I needed a boost, I would open my Prezi app and look at my vision board. Through self-reflection I had to be very honest with myself and sometimes I did not like my answers but if I allowed myself to keep making excuses for these answers, I would not make any changes. So do not be scared of the truth because He did not create you to worry, He did not create you to fear , He did not create you to doubt, He specifically instilled greatness inside of you that he wants the world to see. And you have to believe that and then see it in order to go after what you want. So now that I know what I wanted to do I had to start taking steps to get there no matter how small they were. Again, I do not have a lot of money and I did not know how I was going to make this happen but with anything sacrifices were going to be made. First, I researched a lot about how to become an entrepreneur. The next step I took was taking a startup weeklong virtual business class with Dr. Carey Yazeed. She gave me that boost of confidence I needed to really get my journey started by helping me see my vision more clearly. Then after that it was go time. I made my business idea into a reality. It took a long time because I ended up losing my job and I was unemployed for 6 months. However, during that time I still researched and got anything I could get together to prepare myself to put my feet back on the ground running. Once I got a new job, I started taking pole dancing classes with Power Bar Women’s Fitness to feel sexy and to get into shape because I wanted to open up a women’s clothing boutique called Juste Moi Boutique. Wearing clothes that make me look good makes me feel good and gives me confidence, so I had to work on my body. Then the pandemic happened so there goes pole dancing. I knew I needed to still work out in some fashion, so I started walking and got up to 8 miles a day. Now it did fluctuate and that’s okay as long as you are consistently getting out there. To fast forward to today, I am almost at my pre-baby weight and I did launch my online store August 15th, 2020. Now I am still on my journey to making my dreams come true and I have a long way to go but I love what I do, and I don’t regret the sacrifices I have had to make to get to this point. And that is key because if you don’t love what you do you will never give it your all and that means you are blocking all your untapped potential. I am your everyday woman that had to position myself to think and act like an extraordinary woman to make my dream and goals a reality. Stop looking for handouts because there are none, stop making excuses because that’s doubt and fear, start taking action and positioning yourself for greatness. So, I said all of this to say do not allow the role of a mother define who you are. You define that role and allow your work ethic to speak for itself. As women and a mother’s, we can do whatever we want because we are "multi-taskers".

We joggle everybody’s else’s schedule but when it comes to our own, we let it fall by the waste side. We can definitely have it all it just takes some sacrifices, belief and confidence to get there. I challenge you to challenge yourself because if you don’t nobody will, and your greatness will be hidden forever when it was meant to shine. Show the world why you are the baddest woman, mother, daughter, wife that has walked this earth. 

....... Christina Brannon

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