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It Hurts, But It Helps.

Wow! I was so sadden by the loss of DJ "Twitch". I think I was more sad for his wife and children more than I was sad that he was in such a dark place. The happiness that he invoked to so many was overshadowed by the pain he actually felt. It made me think about how many people walk around daily in the façade of happiness when they really are not. It is troubling at times when we have to "MASK" how we feel out of fear that we will be labeled. We also do this because we simply don't trust others enough to be truly honest. Think about all the times someone asked you "How are you?" but walked by so fast that you didn't have time to respond. Of course they asked out of formality but was it out of sincerity.

What I have learned in my experience is that it hurts to go through things and not have a listening ear, a calming voice, or a person of reason to channel you through. However, it also helps to experience this as well. We really don't know our own strength until we are weak. I learned so much about myself, what I wanted and didn't want, what I control versus what I don't, and how much I mattered to myself. Now, I am not saying that people who suffer in silence don't know themselves. In fact, I am not advocating for anyone to go through anything alone. What I am saying that peace, real peace, is oftentimes a lonely feeling and place but it is a good place to find revelation.

We have to realize that the things that HURT us also HELPS us become better people. Rather it's finances, relationships, deaths, social media influences, we have to understand that we can overcome these things by changing the way we view them. It is inevitable that distractions will come. It is our choice to allow them to overpower us.

If you or anyone you know is battling the thought of suicide, please contact 988 for help. If you know anyone that needs help with life and all that it brings, please connect them with a mental health clinician or counselor. If you are looking for a voice of confidence and a word of encouragement, text "IT'S ME" to 713-969-5459. Team RESILIENT will keep you uplifted and connected.

If none of this applies to you, then you are STRONG, RESILIENT, and IMPACTFUL. Share that light with someone who is trying to get there.

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