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No Risk, No Reward... REALLY?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

RESILIENTones... I've heard this said over and over and it wasn't until recently that I begin to doubt this famous cliché. Of course there is a RISK depending on the REWARD. A while back, I contemplated doing something that would have been extremely beneficial for me. In fact, it would have put me in a position that I longed to be in. Yes, the REWARD, right. But the RISK was far great. I would essentially lose my family through time and distance, I would lose my friends through uncertainty. I would open the door for negativity, public scrutiny, and yes, smirks and looks. I discussed this dilemma with a good friend and the advice given was to ensure my happiness. Chile, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that. It's hard to ensure one's happiness when there are so many variables in place or people involved. My response was "give me a few years". Well that sounds like a plan until you wake up everyday to a new death and you find yourself aging in place with family at the front, success at the center, and your own happiness at the rear.

My question is.... Is there really a REWARD in the RISK? When it comes to "YOU", do you take the RISK for what you consider to be the REWARD?

Share your thoughts with me anonymously at or share your comments below.

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