Resilient Living: I Did It

Featuring Guest Blogger: Vernoda Dilbert

I never considered myself to be resilient until recently. I always thought I was just surviving, you know “doing what I have to, to get by”. Now that I’ve overcome so many obstacles, I can see just how strong I am, now I feel like I’m living life and I’m not just alive. I remember being molested as a child and not really understanding what was going on but being molested as a teenager was much different. I just remember feeling so low and I couldn’t see the value in waiting, so I didn’t. The first person that asked I gave in, because I didn’t think it mattered. After that moment it just seemed as though everything got worst, my baby sister died, my parents got divorced, my mom started a new relationship, we moved to an unfamiliar area, and then my mother put me out at only 16.

Even through all the challenges I was facing I managed to graduate from high school, and with no children. I remember people telling me then I was so strong, and I didn’t understand it. I just felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I thought after graduation I would be able to get a decent job and support myself and homelessness wasn’t going to be a problem for me, however it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I got into an abusive relationship that completely distracted me and prevented me from moving forward with my education. Coincidently, me furthering my education is what saved me from that relationship.

I only started school because I was homeless, again, and I felt like I had no one and nothing. Little did I know this decision would change my life entirely. While in college I found God again, my purpose and myself! It was hard, but I can say it has been worth it, every tear cried never went in vein. This is my story on resilience because I never gave up, I always looked for the light in the darkness. Sometimes when I couldn’t see the light, God led me to it. I can say that even when I felt alone God never left my side. He led me to see the purpose in my life and to know that every challenge I’ve faced only made me a better woman for the people I will surround myself with.

I’ve come to realize that being resilient is a part of who I am, every traumatic experience I’ve had has only made me a stronger person. I may have been bruised but never broken, every hardship I faced has only knocked the dust off me so my true light can shine and for that I’m forever grateful.

...... Vernoda Dilbert

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