Resilient Living: Overcoming the PERCEPTION Of Other's REALITY

Webster defines PERCEPTION as "an act of recognizing and noting a fact or occurrence often involving measurement with instruments"...a mental image. On the other hand REALITY is defined as "a real event; something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily".

Oftentimes, we tend to spend our daily living convincing others that what they perceive may or may not be realty. In essence, we are changing the narrative of what others may or may not believe as a method of convincing them of what to believe. What we fail to realize is that "THIS IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE".

Many people choose to believe in they hear versus what they see. They tend to believe in what they think versus what they know. In today's society it is easier to believe that men and women are unfaithful than it is to believe that they simply have not found the person worth settling down for. It is easy for people to believe that one may be superficial or insecure due to taking "selfies" daily versus believing that perhaps that individual is rediscovering confidence or using a new outlook to help build the self-esteem of someone else.

Perception alludes to the most negative aspects of individual. Most often, it forces people to defend themselves or doubt themselves without realizing "they actually know themselves". The reality of our lives are always on the "stand" for defense. It is hard to change the mindset of someone who has already labeled you.

Try This:

1 - Don't allow another person perception of you, become your realty.

2 - Own your truth and live in it.

3 - Focus on recreating "YOU" and not who others believe you are.

If the PERCEPTION of others does not affect your REALITY, then don't spend your REALITY defending the PERCEPTION of others.


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