Resilient Living: Regaining Your Independence

How To Become FREE After Being Entangled In Life's Circumstances.

While admiring the American flag waving above and the sparkle of fire works illuminating the sky, I begin to reflect on the importance of this day and why it is significant to so many people and for so many reasons. I begin to dissect my definition of freedom and what it truly meant to be free. For some, today is merely a day off or a day to escape the nuisances of the world. For me, well today is a day of reflection.

After reviewing the headspace I had been in a year ago this time, I thought about how God had truly "set me free". In fact, I thought about how courageous I was to abort the life he had given me on a busy highway one afternoon after feeling the worst kind of pain and defeat known to man.....well known to me. As I sit her now, with an amazing man, two beautiful children, a career and numerous businesses, I am reminded of a conversation I had with my dear friend K. Monique Allen.

K. Monique called me one day without knowing what was bothering me. It was almost as if she had an internal power or something that revealed my need for a kind word or a higher level of encouragement. She poured into me somethings concerning my future. Since then, I tend to say "thank you" to her every chance I get. While I was feeling sorry for myself, she was strengthening me for the upcoming move of God.

I was able to recapture my independence as a broken mother, an overlooked and overworked employee, a mentally abused woman, and a defeated entrepreneur. I was able to use the inspiration of others to "get back into the race". Yes, there were times when quitting was the only option. However, realizing today, that many don't get an opportunity to celebrate their freedom simply because they have yet to experience what it is like to be free. Being single for a small period of time allowed me to know who and what I wanted. Being jobless allowed me to understand my worth and settle for nothing less than it. Losing a child enabled me to understand the importance of making time for the two I have.

Regaining independence is a step towards being a better YOU. Finding true freedom enables the opportunity to smile when no one else is laughing and to fight when everyone else has thrown in the towel.

Remember.......... "We go through to get to"

Happy Independence Day!!

How have you "Regained Your Independence"? Share with me!

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