Resilient Living: Surviving Cancer

Regina Thompson ~ Author of I Surrendered

I would describe myself as a woman who at a point in time felt the need to be in control of everything. I aspired to be perfect; the perfect wife and mother. Fortunately, my life's trials and tribulations have helped me appreciate and treasure all things life has to offer. In other words, I have taken time to stop and smell the roses. Most people compliment me on my ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I embrace challenges

and actively look for the silver lining in every situation. This way of looking at things, I believed, has proven to be beneficial in my growth as a woman. I, however, refer to myself as a caring, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I was raised on a farm in Starkville, Mississippi. I have 5 brothers and sisters whom I shared an awesome childhood with while enjoying 100 acres of freedom on her family land which was inherited by her father and mother. I practically lived in the woods, venturing far out and always finding her was home; I continued to love outdoors because I believed this is when you can see God's work best.

Similar to the late Langston Hughes, "Life for me ain't been no crystal stair"; for two time cancer survivor. After surviving two bouts with cancer, I was determined to share my story with people all over the world. I believed that cancer does not have to be the end of my life; and in fact talking and journaling continues to serve as therapy for me. In 1995, I faced my first onset of cancer. After being told the cancer symptoms were menopause and several other theories, I soon learned the harsh reality. Unknowledgeable with how to handle the situation, I began to journal diligently.

After my second triumphant win over cancer in 1997, I decided to pursue a degree in psychology at Armstrong Atlantic State University (now Georgia Southern Armstrong Campus) in Savannah, Georgia. My primary focus was to understand why people are prone to certain diseases. I began to understand the fundamentals which mostly connected to stress levels. This has served as a proclamation to me, that every endeavor will be complimented by talking and journaling more, leading to less internalization.

Today, I am well and practicing social work in Savannah, Georgia. I remain dedicated to helping others understand cancer. I refer to myself as a "GIFT".

To read more of my resilient living through the my survival of cancer, read "I surrendered", currently available at

In this inspirational memoir, Regina Thompson shares how multiple cancer diagnoses launched her into a journey of self discovery. This journey brought her through a range of realizations and bestowed upon her many critical spiritual life lessons. Cancer forced Regina to peel back the layers of her past as she came to the understanding that in order to navigate through her journey with cancer, she would have to release the toxicity that she had swept away from her past. This disease robbed the lives of many of her family members on the paternal side of her family. Regina was forced to take on the task of turning this nightmare into a purpose filled discovery. Cancer diagnoses gave Regina the opportunity to open her heart space and receive the undying love and support from her many friends and loving family. This love and support made way for the spirit of survival and the will to live, it was the beginning of surrendering.

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