Resilient Living: The Power of YET

Updated: May 23, 2020

Featuring Guest Blogger: Vera Cleveland

Many times, we get frustrated because something hasn’t happened in “our timing”. But did you know there is power in using the word YET?

We live in a microwave generation where we want everything fast. Consider the number of people who go through a fast food drive-through because they want food quickly. Think about the possible consequences for getting that food. Yes, you didn’t have to wait long, but it may have sat on the counter for a while. The food may not have even been cooked all the way through which can cause food poisoning. Now go back to “your timing”. Could it be that God sees possible interference or stumbling blocks ahead of His timing so He is trying to protect you? His timing is perfect and it’s never delayed. When thinking about that known fact, it’s easy to use the word yet when speaking of things in your life.

Or have you considered that God is building you for a season so you can handle the next level in your life? Preparation and consistency are keys to getting and sustaining things. Our lack of preparedness can be a hinderance. At times, it is necessary to gain wisdom in a thing before it is manifested. In 2014 I knew that I was going to be an author; it was written on my vision board. However, the book didn’t publish until 2019. I knew back then it wasn’t my time YET! I needed to go through some more experiences and get more knowledge on what life would be like as a published author before the actual time arrived.

It is easy to get discouraged, but DON’T! Continue to speak positively over your life; your language shapes your world. Affirm yourself by using the word yet when speaking about what’s to come. It should be integrated in your everyday vocabulary. Utilizing the word yet gives you hope and keeps you from feeling defeated. Even in your conversations with others, speak with boldness and confidence. Live in the power of YET! That’s a great place to be!

..... Vera Cleveland

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