Resilient Living: "Weighted Down and Lifted Up"

Guest Blogger: Tasha DeVoe

I can’t count the number of times I tried to lose weight and hit another wall. I can still hear my conversations of such “diligent” conversations of being serious this time. I’ve tried step aerobics, Zumba, home workouts, and of course fad diets lol.

Some attempts were better than others. I even managed to lose 5-10lbs here and there, but it always returned. I then began to bury myself in work and dressing to highlight where I felt my best features could shine.

Losing weight was hard. Mentally I was beat down. I had lost myself as the time passed. My first major hit came when my grandpa passed, I then lost my grandma, but something changed. God gave me another chance. My daughter Cassie began to grow inside of me. I remember fighting like never before to be a good mom for my baby. I then lost myself in her. Don’t get me wrong there’s not a thing wrong with loving your kid(s), but I lost who I was. I was consumed with being someone’s mom and employee.

Then my change came. I had gotten referred to trainer Tanieshala Hall of “Get That Body Dance & Fitness” in September 2017. It was there that I joined a group of other women that looked like me. That battled liked me. I knew within that this time was different. I enjoyed working out, and began making it a part of my time at home. I protected time for ME. I changed how I ate, my habits, and in turn I became clearer mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Boom March 1, 2018 my life took a turn I NEVER expected. I remember being in so much pain that my five year old daughter had to put my shoes on my feet. Test after test got conducted on me for the doctor to look at me and say they found a tumor….cancer. I have never shed so many tears as I did during those days. I was surrounded by people and felt alone. I couldn’t physically workout and I started slipping back into comfort eating. I cried and declared to God that I was not going to leave my baby. I witnessed my grandpa and other loved ones go through chemo and radiation, and I didn’t want it… PERIOD! My greatest blessing was the fact that we had detected it earl, and it was small in size. On May 21, 2018, I underwent surgery to have it removed because it was far from welcome.

A month later I stepped foot back into the studio. I had one of those right on time talks with my friend, trainer, and mentor NeNe. I’ll never forget how she reminded me that “If I want it, I’ve got to go get it.” Losing weight all over again felt harder than ever, however quitting wasn’t an option. So I switched up my home routine mixing up my exercises and increasing my cardio and I went to the studio whenever it was possible. In all, I’ve lost 80lbs, 14 dress sizes, and at least 45 total body inches. I began to learn more about the fitness world, I had conversations with others in the fitness industry, and I shadowed NeNe. Fast forward January 19, 2019, “Fit With Tasha” debuted at Get That Body teaching class two Saturdays a month. Now I am a certified personal trainer. I am traveling across the state to lead fitness and teach health awareness classes. I teach clients virtually and complete one on one training.

What is resilience? It is this single mother who is six generations from slavery. That works her 9-to-5 just like you and decided to invest in herself. Not to just keep it to myself, but also help the next person out. I didn’t just lose weight I made a lifestyle change and as long as there’s breath in my body I will do all that I can to help the next person regardless of size to do the same. This journey is personal. Cancer couldn’t have me. The weight couldn’t keep me. Depression had to go. I am my brand. I am a fighter. It’s a lifestyle change, let’s get fit together!

........ Tasha Devoe of "Fit With Tasha"

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