Resilient Living With Melanie Mason

Webster defines a mask as a way to hide behind, to conceal, to disguise or to cover up something. As a former Mary Kay Consultant, a concealing cream was used to cover up the blemishes and scars on a person’s face so that the outer appearance is more attractive or pleasing to one’s eye. So, what about the inward blemishes? What does one use to cover the scars that are made from hurt, pain and abuse; both mental and physical? Is there a mask that can cover the inward thoughts? Is there a mask that can cover the heart that has been broken and shattered into different pieces over and over again?

Why died I not from my mother’s womb..(Job 3:11)

Abuse-this thing that set the course

Abuse-this thing that said I wasn’t worthy

Abuse- this thing that said no one would love me

Abuse- this thing that tore my life apart

Broken, Battered and Bruised was at one point my life’s story. I think I have experienced it all: childhood abuse, homelessness, single parenting, two broken marriages, felony charges and 8 years of probation later I can finally say it feels good to be free. Free from bondage. Free to share my testimony. And freedom to say that I Rose Above My Storms. At 47 I am just beginning to live my life. As the founder of Rise Up 2 Build Up, which started as a talk segment but has now turned into a ministry that connects the community with social and economic concerns, I have learned the value of reaching others that are also broken, battered and bruised. I believe that everyone whether male or female has a voice. It is an honor to be in position to facilitate panel discussions and workshops, and to host conferences, symposiums and speaking engagements. It is my mission that everyone that I may meet, will not only RISE but also re-BUILD their lives so that God may get the glory.

I represent my Brand and Motto: Reaching 1 Person, 1 Family, 1 Day At A Time

Melanie Mason

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