Resilient Living With Sebrina Caldwell

I came home out of the military and I had no place to call my own. My child and I were living with different family members and it was very frustrating. I felt like I failed my child! I did not work all of 2009 and half of 2010. During this time, to have money, I enrolled in college using my GI Bill and in 2010, I was blessed with an apartment and a part-time job. In April of 2011, God bless me with a brand new car and a full-time job with benefits, but I knew I wanted more.  I trusted God when I felt like He didn't hear me. In 2014, I graduated college with honors but was still not happy. While I was grateful for having the apartment, I desired a house. I contacted a realtor friend and began looking for a house, without being approved for walk. I found my dream house and on October 28, 2016, I got the keys to my house! Calling on the name of Jesus got me through the worst of it but I call on Him in the best of it too!