Resilient Living With Yalonda Best

Yalonda Best was born in Savannah, Georgia, where she is the proud mother of five beautiful children, five grandchildren. She stands in the gap as mother and grandmother for several other beautiful children whom she loves dearly. Yalonda currently works as a Benefit Consultant for Centene/WellCare, where she enjoys helping and serving others while assisting members with healthcare benefits. She is also a Public Speaker, Life Coach, Certified Mental Health & First Aid Trainer, and Author of the book entitled "Unspeakable". She is very transparent in her story in an effort to motivate and encourage women who have endured the vicissitudes of life. The hardship she experienced in her life was unimaginable. Years of dealing with hurt, shame, and pain, she was able to overcome which was "UNSPEAKABLE". As Yalonda began to work through her mess, it became her message and when she was able to forgive, she was forgiven and finally discovered what happened to her happened for her.

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