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Stay Inspired, I SEE you!

I know that sometimes it can feel as though you are working and working and no one notices your effort. I understand that you can go above and beyond without a token of thanks or appreciation. In fact, I have seen individuals give their all to companies and organizations and within a short week or after a bad day, it was as if that person was never successful.

Today, I want to strengthen, empower, enlighten, and re-affirm each of you that you are important. You do matter. You are significant and I SEE YOU. I see you working your business. I see you posting your moves and endeavors. I see you re-igniting others. I see you going above and beyond in your corporate arenas. I SEE YOU!. I want you to know that GOD see you too. You are living in vain. You aren't building in vain. You are trying in vain. God is positioning you and it will be hard at times, but stay the course.

I know that sometimes you want to quit. Trust me! I want to quit also at times. Bu, then I am reminded of my favorite quote "It was enough to make me cry but not enough to make me quit". Be intentional with your declarations to GOD and to yourself. Be intentional with your time and resources. Pray daily and often. Trust me, when you least expect it, there will be someone there to lift you up and say "I SEE YOU"...

Until then.... remember, I SEE YOU!

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