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Truth Is, You're Good!

It is already the 6th day of the 2023 and people are already stressing about what they haven't done or accomplished. Hello, I'm people. By now, I would have written out my goals for each of my businesses, my personal life, and financial aspects. Instead, I am winging it, lol. For New Years Eve, I decided against cooking the traditional "Hoppin Johns", Black-eyed peas, and cornbread. Instead, I cooked nothing. My family and I went out to dinner prior to church and I made breakfast the next morning. I was so bound by tradition that I actually thought that something weird was going to happen to me because I did not cook these things, empty my hamper, and go to the ATM for cash. I laughed because God and I actually had a conversation that this year would be the year I let him lead completely. Of course, I have hopes, wishes, dreams, goals, timelines, and a ton of plans, but I trust that he knows them just as he knew the plans of Jeremiah.

To my RESILIENTones, I know that a new year bring new levels of anxiety. You want to do everything in your power to be better than the year before. You want to become financially free, launch your business, take the trip, find a boo, LIVE and LIVE well. The important thing to remember is: "TRUTH IS, YOU'RE GOOD". You already have what you need to be great this year just as you already had what you needed to be great last year and the year before that. YOU HAVE YOU!! You are in control of your destiny. I know that God is steering the ship, but you are on there so you must trust where it is going. You don't need another prophesy or affirmation. You need to stand on the confirmation that was given by HIM and the messengers he has sent to you. You need to seek revelation over the promises already made to you and see them through to the end.

YOU'RE GOOD!! Trust me! It is coming together. It is only January. Soon it will be December again and you will be smiling at your WINS, examining your LOSSES (which are really LESSONS), and whispering "TRUTH IS, I'M GOOD!. Be patient, RESILIENTone... You have everything you need and a few things you wanted to get you where you want to be. I'll be at the finish line rooting you on because I am in the race with you.... telling myself daily, TRUTH IS, YOU'RE GOOD.

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